Dryer Vent Cleaning

Every item in your home is important. It may be tiny like a mouse or large like an elephant, but they perform certain functions that make living comfortable and convenient. You CAN’T just disregard one thing and say it’s not important, or you will exert more effort in maintaining the other because it is more important than the other.

Let us have, for example, these two, the razor and the axe, you use an axe to chop down firewood, but you can’t use it for shaving; likewise, you don’t use a razor in chopping firewood because it won’t do you any good, but you use an axe instead. The lesson is there is a specific function for items that you keep in your home, and they are co-equal in importance with each other.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Mostly, we take things for granted because it seems to be working just fine and does not give us troubles and headaches. We are oftentimes guilty of wanton disregard and sheer neglect of most common household equipment because it doesn’t seem to show signs of wear and tear, and it just hit us hard that it no longer perform satisfactorily as expected, and it cost us dearly.

Our dryer vent is installed in our homes to release moisture and hot air outside. If something finds its way on the vent and gets clogged and stuck, it can cause many dangers and hazards. Would you mind taking time to read and answer each question honestly and seriously to prevent casualties and heavy damage in the future?

  • Why should there be a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule of dryer vent?
  • How often should a dryer vent be cleaned and maintained?
  • Can I do it my self?
  • Would it worth the effort of cleaning the dryer vent?
  • What tools am I going to use in cleaning the dryer vent?
  • If I have a leaf blower, can I use it to clean my dryer vent?
  • How would I know if the dryer vent is clogged and needs servicing?

Let us start with the questions.

Why should there be a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule for the dryer vent?

Answer: Regular cleaning and maintenance of dryer vents ensure you of your:

  • Safety – If something is blocking your vent, it can’t dispel heat and moisture effectively as it should. This things that causes clogging must be removed because it will cause fire. The damage is costly but it is preventable.
  • Efficient Energy consumption – If it is not working properly, it means it is using more energy as it should.
  • Longer life for your dryer vent – A clean dryer vent is a healthy vent. It operates on its normal mode and is not overburdened.
  • Prevent mold build-up – Cold spots are favorite breeding grounds of pesky molds, it leads to dryer vent damage.
  • Less maintenance cost in the long run – If you clean it on a daily basis chances are you see things that needs extra care before it goes wild and cranky.

How often should a dryer vent be cleaned and maintained?

Answer: It is recommended that you clean your dryer vent once a year. If your schedule allows it, cleaning it twice a year would be nicer.

Can I do the cleaning myself?

Answer: Cleaning your dryer vent may seem technical, but actually, it’s not. For your first DIY dryer vent cleaning lesson, please take time to understand and carefully think about these things.

  • Determine first if your dryer runs on gas or electricity.
  • If you see that your dryer has a grounded 240 volt electrical outlet (A plug that is larger than your average plug you see at your home and has three or four prongs), it runs on electricity
  • But if is also connected but this time on a standard 110 volt three prong outlet, but connected to a gas valve, then your dryer runs on gas. If it is the case it runs on gas, turn off the gas supply valve before doing any cleaning activities and please be very careful not to disturb the gas line (it is flexible and can be bent easily, please be careful with it) if you are to reposition the unit. But in case of doubt, do not be overzealous experimenting, call the experts, call the pro.
  • You can proceed with the cleaning work and you will be needing some dryer vent cleaning kit, power drill, vacuum or broom and a dustpan.

If I have a leaf blower, can I use it to clean my dryer vent?

Answer: Yes, definitely you can use a leaf blower in cleaning your dryer vent. Use your electric leaf blower to clean the lint out of your dryer vent. It can make cleaning easier and more convenient.

How would I know if the dryer vent is clogged and needs servicing?

Answer: If you answer a resounding YES to these questions, your dryer vent needs cleaning

  • Clothes take too long to dry?
  • Clothing or outside of your dyer are very hot?
  • There is a burning smell coming from the dryer?
  • Lint and debris buildup around the outside vent?
  • Dryer is already due for service?

If on this item, five out of five, your answer is a resounding YES, it means that your dryer vent needs cleaning. Act now.


Choose from these different dryer vent cleaning materials and start cleaning like a pro.

Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit


  • Durable and flexible made from reinforced nylon material. Will last long
  • Easy and convenient to use, can be connected with accessories, can be connected with an electric drill.
  • Efficient and effective – clean and remove lint that sticks on your vent
  • Long and flexible
  • Good for DIY cleaning and maintenance activities.
  • Encourage more savings as you will no long be needing professional cleaning service

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Bluesea 25ft Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit


  • Prevent dryer vent fire risk – The dryer vent cleaning kit removes lint build-up to eliminate causes of dryer vent fires.
  • High quality – Our dryer vent cleaning kit is durable rust resistance
  • Flexible and easy to bend – suitable for pipes of various shapes and sizes, can be used to clean difficult-to-reach areas
  • Easy to use – align the joints of the two poles and rotate them clockwise. It is very easy to connect and retract
  • Can be connected to the power drill to quickly & easily clean the dryer vents to help you achieve professional results.

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Holikme 30 Feet Dryer Vent Cleaning Brush, Lint Remover


  • Extend and retract up to 30ft.
  • Very easy to use, use it with or without a power drill and still achieve professional results.
  • Help improve your dyer efficiency removes lint and dust
  • Help you save money, good for your DIY dryer vent cleaning.
  • Helps you prevent fire and other risk.

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Morinoli 16ft Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit


  • Our dryer vent cleaning kit has a sturdy, nice chrome button locking system to ensure that it will not loosen in any direction of rotation (clockwise or counterclockwise).
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble by pressing the button and each of our chrome button locking nylon rods is 24.2 inches, which can greatly save cleaning time.
  • Made from high-density nylon composite material, which is more durable and more efficient. The head of rods is made of stainless steel, which resistant to corrosion.
  • Easy to use and efficient in cleaning
  • Helps prevents fire – removes lint build up that becomes a fire hazard.
  • Excellent for all your DIY cleaning and maintenance activities.

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Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit Vacuum Hose Attachment


  • Remove lint build up – removes lint that has accumulated for many years in the dryer vents, so your equipment runs efficiently.
  • Flexible and handy vacuum hose attachments over 33inche in length allow for deep access to difficult places.
  • Switch between 2 suction control settings to best suit your cleaning needs.
  • Perfect for light cleanups and a heavy-duty power clean.
  • Helps prevent deadly dryer vent fires from sparking.

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Power drill for vent dryer cleaning

Attach your dryer vent cleaning kit on these high-quality power drills, make cleaning easy, fast and convenient.

Holikme 4 Pack Drill Brush Power Scrubber


  • Available in White, Yellow, Black Green, Red and Blue
  • Comes with 3 shape of brushes clean your bathtub, grout, upholstery, bathroom surface, floor, tile, shower, toilet and carpet
  • Extended reach attachment help brush to clean the tight spaces or hard-to-reach areas such like stove grates, drip pans, and crevices
  • Extended reach attachment have the slip joint and magnet, it can lock the brushes tightly and make precise control.
  • Attachment can fit into most of the cordless drills, such as Dewalt and Bosch

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TOPELEK Cordless Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill/Driver Set


  • Higher Speed with MAX 310 In-lbs. Torque Perfect for your DIY, garden work, reconstruction and home projects
  • 18 Position Clutch & Forward/Reserve Control – Electric driver has 18+1 torque settings, generating 125% utmost precision of torque adjustment
  • 1500mAh Li-Ion & 70min Fast Charge – 20V 1500mAh Lithium-Ion battery packed with real-time capacity indicator let you finish your job smoothly with long lasting performance
  • Convenient Work Light & 3/8” Keyless Chuck – LED light lighten up dark areas, increasing your efficiency;

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SAFETYON All Purpose Power Scrubber Brush Kit


  •  All Purpose Power Scrubber – This 4 brush kit comes with 3 type flat brushes and 1 round brush Meet all your cleaning needs
  • The scrubber are made from high-quality polypropylene material designed to help you clean stubborn stains thoroughly and efficiently without scratching the surface.
  • Fits All – equipped with quarter inch ¼” quick change shaft, which fit in all cordless drills so that you can change the brush more quickly.
  • Corrosion-resistant and durable for long time use.

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Herrfilk Drill Cleaning Brush Attachment Set


  • This Drill Brush Attachment Set will meet all your scrubbing needs.
  • Allows you to get into tight spaces and hard to reach areas for a thorough clean. Extended reach attachment have the slip joint and magnet, it can lock the brushes tightly and make precise control.
  • Save you time and money – get stubborn cleaning jobs done faster and achieve a deeper clean
  • Simply pull out our innovative quick-change shafts and easily install a new brush.
  • These drill cleaning brush attachment set have been expertly designed to clean bathroom surfaces, grout, marble, upholstery, car detailing, wheels, grout, shower, toilet, floor, tile, sinks, swimming pool and carpet.

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31 Piece Drill Brush Attachment Set, Scrub Pads & Sponge, Power Scrubber


  • Perfect for all your cleaning needs.
  • Tired of boring household cleaning? Try this 31 piece scrub drill brush cleaning brush and car brush cleaner, attached to any cordless drill to become a powerful cleaning brush
  • When you are ready to replace your drill cleaning brush, simply pull out the accessory, replace the shaft, and easily install a new brush
  • Every drill brush attachment has excellent manufacturing technology and good working performance.

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Leaf blower

Another useful item for your dryer vent cleaning. Please choose from our selection of high-quality leaf blowers.

Cordless Leaf Blower – 150MPH 320CFM Battery Powered Leaf Blower with 2 Section Tubes


  • Available in 2 color variants: yellow and blue
  • Ultra Powerful Cordless Leaf Blower – This cordless leaf blower use turbofans & all-copper motors provides 20000 r/min strong power, Blower comes with 4.0Ah battery and charger
  • 6 Adjustable Speeds And 2 Adjustable Tubes – blow dust from hard-to-clean corners. Upgraded double-length tube making operation easier.
  • Support various job
  • User-Friendly – This electric leaf blower use an upgraded double-length tube detachable telescopic pipe convenient in blowing without bending down
  • Quick Assembly All for The User Our mission is to make people’s life easier’, All product is designed base on this mission; Our electric blower cordless are lightweight, Well fitted and could be assembly within minutes.

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BLACK & DECKER Electric Leaf Blower, 7-Amp (LB700)


  • 7 Amp motor provides a powerful and efficient blowing performance ideal for blowing those stubborn debris
  • Moves up to 180Mph/180CFM for fast and easy cleanup of molds and debris also good for clearing debris in your lawns, driveways, sidewalks, and decks
  • Built in cord retention prevents cord from unnecessary coiling during cleanup
  • Lightweight and convenient to use
  • Strong air burst

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PowerSmart Leaf Blower, 20V MAX Lithium 350CFM Cordless Leaf Blower, Electric Blower


  • POWERSMART blow wet leaves, little rocks, dust and snow when full-charged, blow speed is up to 85mph perfect for blowing debris on your dryer vent.
  • Light and portable – it is only 8.5 lbs. which ideal for one hand use.
  • Batteries last long
  • A quite blower, great gift for handy man friends and family.
  • PowerSmart comes with 2-year warranty

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KIMO Cordless Leaf Blower, 2-in-1 Handheld Vacuum/Sweeper


  • Highly mobile and powerful – A cordless leaf blower can make much quicker and more effective work, ideal for tight spaces with difficult maneuverability
  • Low Noise – Air speeds easily reaches up to 150 MPH with relatively high-volume air capacity, it is quiet your neighbors won’t hear a thing.
  • Fast charging – It would take only 1 hour and it will last for about 15 to 20 minutes
  • Variable-speed setting meets different needs. It is capable of effectively removing dust, debris, spider webs, powered snow and drying your car surface.
  • 2-in-1 Sweeper & Vacuum – In addition to blowing capabilities, KIMO can also function as a vacuum, the extended tube helps reach hard-to-get areas of decks or porches. Enjoy the flexibility and versatility of of KIMO cordless 2-in-1 leaf blower and vacuum.

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Greenworks 40V (150 MPH) Cordless Leaf Blower, 2.0Ah Battery, and Charger Included 24252


  • New GMAX 40-volt 2.0 amp hour lithium ion battery provides more power and longer run time lessen your worry to constantly charge it after a short use.
  • Variable speed motor delivers max speeds of 150 MPH enough for your dryer vent cleaning and maintenance needs.
  • Extension tube allows you to reach those hard to reach areas and improve blower effectiveness.
  • Lightweight and highly portable very useful in areas with tight spaces.

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WORX WG520 TURBINE 600 12 Amp Electric Leaf Blower with Variable-Speed Control


  • Jet engine-type motor inside of a leaf blower. Super powerful
  • Very minimal to almost zero noise considering its a high speed leaf blower.
  • Twice the power – The Turbine is cutting edge, and spins twice as fast as the blowers used by commercial grounds crews
  • Equipped with 2 speed variant.
  • High-capacity air volume is being shot out of its wide-mouth nozzle, allows you to clear large areas with fewer passes
  • Perfect for any DIY cleaning and maintenance work It has an added an attachable nozzle, optimized to direct all that volume in a concentrated area for tougher jobs
  • Can be used using only one of your hand – very powerful and yet light, weighs only 6.4 lbs. The Turbine 600 is designed to be controlled with just one hand.
  • Has an ergonomic design
  • The 11-1/2″ electrical cord comes with a attached retainer even if you use an extension cord it won’t get disconnected even when it gets snagged or tripped.

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We hope that we have been of great service to your dryer vent’s DIY cleaning and maintenance needs. Visit us more often for more tips and practical advices on how to run your home smoothly and effectively.

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