How to Sew a Button?

Even though sewing has been considered to be a woman’s job for hundreds of years, that’s fundamentally untrue as everyone should know how to sew. It’s kind of silly to take your coat to the local tailor just for them to sew a single button in. That’s why sewing is a lifetime skill that can […]

How do you repair a zipper?

Isn’t it annoying when you put on your best pair of jeans, or a perfect dress, only to realize that the zipper is broken? We are then faced with two possibilities: to throw the clothes away or to try to repair the broken zipper. But how do you repair a zipper? There are many ways […]

How do you repair jeans?

We’ve all been there. Our favorite pair of jeans gets ripped, and we don’t know what to do. Do you throw them away or do you try to fix them? You don’t know if you will find a new pair that fits you perfectly as these did. If you decide to try to fix them, […]

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