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How to clean a coffee maker without vinegar?

Drinking coffee is an indispensable part of our daily life activities. Many of us may forget to clean all the parts of a coffee maker after using it. We know only vinegar to clean the coffee maker in our place. Do you think that everyone has the vinegar product with them readily? I do not […]

How To Get Hair dye Off Counter

Accidentally spill hair dye on your countertop? Are you having trouble getting it off? Worry no more. There are many ways to get rid of it quickly. You may look at the list below; this stuff will help you get hair dye off the counter. They’re tough on any stain, and they might come in […]

How to get dry erase marker out of clothes

There is nothing better when you wear your favorite set of clothing for an occasion. When you stand in front of the mirror and give a little pep talk, it would just make you smile instantly. When you remind yourself that you look great is just a perfect way to start the day right. You […]

How to Clean a Copper Sink

Copper is a natural material, it has better malleability characteristics better than iron and more hardness than zinc, it is reddish-brown, shiny, ductile, resists corrosion and through the times it has become the metal that has more uses, for its power, it is a metal that since ancient times has been given a great use […]

How to Clean Out Candle Jars

Just because you are at the end of a candle doesn’t mean that it is no longer useful. You still have the glass jar that you can recycle or reuse as whatever you want. The tricky thing is getting the leftover wax out of the jar. You need to know how to clean out candle […]

How to clean gold chain

Clean your gold chains with these 8 proven methods Gold is a pretty soft material, it is only commercialized by adding other metals in its composition to take a form that will be useful to humans. This makes cleaning of a gold chain quite difficult, the gold can flake off easily if you do not […]

How to get super glue off glass

When something concerns house repairs, Super Glue is quite beneficial. However, dropping a dab of glue on an unexpected surface is all too simple, especially if you’re fixing something small like your spectacles. But what makes it so powerful and difficult to remove? Super glue is comprised of cyanoacrylate, an acrylic resin that forms an […]

How to get paint out of hair

Your hair is your crowning glory. You spend a lot of time fixing and doing your hair after taking your bath, before you go to the office, after going to the washroom, or anytime you have the opportunity. You also spend a great deal of money keeping it shiny, healthy, and smelling fresh every time. […]

Mop and Bucket Set

Do you still use an old traditional mop and bucket set? Do you still wash and squeeze your mop head? If you do, you are catching millions of bacteria and virus strains. We are in the new technology era now, you might consider buying a new mop type. One you can use comfortably and will […]

How to clean clear phone case

How to Clean Your Clear Phone Case The Right Way What is a clear phone case? You’re spending money on a new phone but want to protect it without ruining your sleek look. Enter the clear phone case. Whether you need protection or just like living life in style, this is the case for you! […]

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