Best Irons for Sewing and Quilting

If you’re serious about ironing and quilting, then you’re certainly aware that you need a good iron for all your projects. This, however, isn’t always that easy and it’s unlikely that you’re going to just stumble upon the ideal iron just like that.

You most likely know that many issues can arise with irons – especially if you’ve done any ironing. The best way to overcome these problems (leaking, burning, etc.) is to buy a good iron. The worst thing that can happen is for you to spend your hard-earned money on an iron-only for it to burn your work or stop working after a few months.

That’s why in today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at the best irons out there on the market to determine which one is the best choice for you.

Best Irons for Sewing and Quilting
Best Irons for Sewing and Quilting

Let’s get started!

Rowenta DW5080 – Best Overall

If you’ve taken a look at some other sites with different reviews, you must have found this iron at the top or at least near the top of the list. And that’s not without reason. Rowenta DW5080 really is a work of art, in the term of irons, and it’s definitely deserving of the top spot.

Rowenta on its own is known as an iconic brand that’s currently holding a favorable position amongst the buyers on the market – that’s not without reason. Rowenta has been manufacturing incredible irons for decades and really has deserved the trust it’s given. It also has great customer support, so you can easily have your iron fixed or replaced if there’s a problem.

This iron is one of the most popular irons on market (currently), and that’s for two reasons. Firstly, it’s reasonably priced. Secondly, this iron really has it all.

This 1,700-watt micro iron isn’t as large as some other irons – that’s something you’re definitely going to notice as soon as you open the box – but it might actually pack more of a punch than some larger irons. It’s only 3.4 pounds in weight, but you don’t have to worry about the water tank, as it’s definitely going to hold enough water (10 oz).

It’s recommended that you use tap water for this iron, instead of distilled water, as the iron is optimized for use with tap water.

The patented design on the soleplate is beloved by users of this iron, as it’s simple and easy to refill. The steam iron has 400 holes with this design, which is definitely going to allow the iron to even out all the garments on your quilting projects.

The angled precision tip is great for navigating areas that are difficult to reach – collars, buttons, and edges. You can control temperature output very easily with the thermostat that’s at the tip of your fingers. You can freely use this iron for vertical steaming! Dresses, curtains, suits, blankets, etc. – all of these can be vertically steamed with this iron.

The automatic off system allows you to save energy and lowers the risk of burning. If the iron is left on the base, it’s going to turn itself off after 8 minutes, and it will turn itself off after 30 seconds of inactivity if left on its side or face down.

The anti-calcium system used ensures the longevity of the iron, as it removes minerals and impurities from water to prevent a build-up of those impurities. An anti-drip system is also used with this iron – it’s here to protect garments from drips and stains as it allows low-temperature ironing without water dripping and staining.

The steam itself is very powerful at a rate of 100 grams/minute – this is great for those really stubborn wrinkles and creases.

If you’re interested in this product and you’d like to learn more, please follow this link.

Shark Steam Iron – Best for Budget

If you’re on a string budget – don’t worry, your options on the market aren’t non-existent.

It’s very difficult to look away from this iron with the price tag it dons. The Shark Lightweight Professional Steam Iron is here to keep all of your fabrics looking professionally pressed. It’s definitely got the ability to effortlessly smooth out wrinkles, and it can easily iron upholstery, drapes, and other hanging fabrics because of the vertical steam capability.

It holds an impressive wattage of 1500 watts of power and a stainless-steel soleplate with Smooth Glide™ technology. That’s also accompanied by anti-drip technology and a multi-position automatic shut-off.

The stainless-steel soleplate is 7 inches in size, with the water tank having a capacity of 260 ml. This iron is definitely great for its value, but it’s obviously not as advanced as other irons. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to follow this link.

Rowenta Dg8520U0 Pro Perfect Steam Station – Premium Option

This bicolored steam station is a great addition to anyone who’s serious about their ironing. It’s actually become quite popular ever since Rowenta released it, and you shouldn’t be surprised to see it in quite a few homes.

It’s actually quite stronger in comparison to the previous Rowenta’s model I presented in the first category, as it’s coming with 1800 watts of power for fast heat up. It also has an Eco mode that’s saving 20% of energy.

It’s capable of producing 3 times more steam than a conventional iron to help save up to 25% more time on weekly ironing sessions. The water tank is extra large and it can provide up to 90 minutes of use. Just like with the Rowenta DW5080, it has 400 holes on the soleplate, which are all active with steam.

It can also use regular tap water, so you don’t have to bother with distilled water. The impressive durability and liability of this iron are going to result in far less fatigue than with other, traditional irons. The 5 bars of steam pressure that come from the built-in boiler system are going to ensure the amount of steam coming out, accompanied by a water tank that’s four times as large in comparison with traditional irons.

The addition of this iron is the station. The station has a steam control panel with useful indicators and buttons that help you control the whole unit. Eco, Calc Away indicator, Water Tank Refill, and the Restart button are all the things you’ll find on here, which are going to help you control the iron with ease.

This iron also incorporates a safety lock, which makes it very easy to carry and store despite being bulky in size. You’ll find that this iron since it comes with a station, is much heavier and larger than other irons – many people fear for transport because of this reason. The iron, however, uses a system that won’t allow for it to detach from the station.

The water tank is completely removable, which only ensures easier refilling. It’s also extra-large (47 oz), so you’re not going to have to refill it very often. The water will heat up very quickly – it takes less than two minutes for it to heat up.

The anti-scale system ensures that it’s easy for you to use this iron – the comfort grip handle and the 1.9 meter-long power cord are going to allow you to move freely.

If you’re interested and you’d like to learn more, feel free to follow this link.

Oliso TG1050 – Best Technology

This smart iron is bound to rid you of all of your troubles. It’s the perfect choice for quilters as it’s easier on the arms while also being more affordable than a few other models on this list.

This model is using iTouch Technology – which allows patented scorch guards to lift with the touch of your hand and lower when you have stopped ironing, preventing burns and scorching. This technology is what makes this iron truly unique, as burning and scorching are almost impossible.

It also has a levitation feature – which is another thing that will definitely draw your interest. This iron will hover above the fabric and lower down with the touch of your hand. This eliminates the need to continuously lift and lower your iron completely, which is a complete game-changer, especially if you’re quilting.

The water tank is somewhat smaller in comparison to the previous entry on the list, but that’s because this iron isn’t as massive. It can hold 12.7 ounces of water, and it’s situated on the side for easy filling. This iron also incorporates anti-drip technology to ensure that there are no leaks or spitting when the soleplate is hot.

This iron definitely packs a punch with a very powerful burst of steam – and it also features a 360-degree pivot, which ensures that you have the full range of motion during use. The stainless-steel soleplate is made from extra thick micro-fine stainless steel and it’s finished off with a mirror glide for optimal heat retention and more steam holes for consistent steam flow.

The 1600 watts of power heat up rapidly so the iron is ready to use within seconds. It’s quickly ready for use, making this a perfect tool for everyday pressing and ironing. It also automatically shuts heat off for safety after 8 minutes if standing, or after 30 seconds if knocked over. This is a feature that many irons seem to be incorporating, and it’s very useful.

The Tripleplay Xtremesteam system gives you 3 steam settings: continuous, horizontal burst, and vertical burst along with 3 steam levels (low, medium, high). This option gives you a lot of diversity with your ironing.

Another thing that’s incorporated with this iron is the 1 ½ inch detailer tip – this is the point of the iron that gets between layers to create crisp pleats, pockets & cuffs.

You shouldn’t be worried if you receive your iron with water in the tank. This just means your Oliso Smart Iron was thoroughly tested before arriving at your home. Oliso uses a testing process to ensure that every iron of the line is perfect.

If you’re interested and you’d like to learn more about this iron, please follow this link.

Panasonic NI-WL600 Cordless – Best Cordless

The first cordless iron on this list, Panasonic’s NI-WL600 is a great iron for quilting. The most obvious advantage of this iron is the fact that there’s no cord, so you’re left with more freedom and you can iron your fabric wherever you’d like.

This iron is packing a 1500-watt punch without a cord, which allows you to end the hassle of twisted, tangled power cords for quicker, easier, more convenient ironing on a variety of fabrics.

The soleplate is sleek and contoured at 360°, and with its double-tipped design, it allows you to move naturally in any direction. You can iron effortlessly forward, backward, and even side-to-side for precision and speed. The soleplate is non-stick and dual-tipped, which allows it to maneuver seamlessly over the fabric without tugging or wrinkling.

The temperature and steaming are both completely controllable, and you can apply the perfect level of heat and steam, or no steam with the touch of a button. This iron has the feature of vertical steaming which quickly removes wrinkles on curtains and hanging garments.

Another thing that’s going to impress you is the portability of this iron – this iron comes with a  lightweight, heat-resistant carrying case that snaps easily onto the iron and power base after use for instant portability and storage.

It’s also very easy to use – just set the NI-WL600 into its charging base and set the temperature for the fabric you’re ironing. It’s going to take less than two minutes for the iron to reach the wanted temperature, and when you have to maintain it (as it loses heat after a while), just place the iron back in the base when you pause to shift garments your ironing board.

Panasonic’s electronic temperature controls on the iron’s ergonomic handle make it quick and convenient to select and adjust all the right temperatures for a wide variety of fabrics. The steam pushbuttons allow you to apply the perfect concentration of steam or no steam at all. You can set the settings to HIGH for your heavier and everyday fabrics, LOW for delicates and touch-ups, and DRY when steam isn’t needed.

Just like with most irons on this list, this one has a vertical steam option. The push of a button directs a full burst of steam through the soleplate to relax and remove wrinkles and creases on hanging garments, curtains, and drapes. It also has the function to send a jet of steam to tame creases and wrinkles in clothing and sheets.

The mist button allows you to put an extra shot of moisture exactly where you need it to help remove stubborn wrinkles from sleeves, collars, trousers, and more. And the auto safety shut-off button will automatically turn the iron off after 10 minutes of inactivity.

This iron also incorporates a stay-clean system that’s based on anti-calcium systems – it uses 32 stay-clean steam vents that automatically prevent clogged steam vents by reducing sediment build-up in the vaporizing chamber of the iron.

If you’re interested and you’d like to learn more about this iron, feel free to follow this link.

Rowenta DW6080 – Best Eco-Friendly

This eco-friendly iron is a great option if you’re looking for something more stylish and sleeker, while also keeping an eye out for the environment. This unit is also incredibly efficient, as it aims to save users 25% on energy compared to the leading iron.

The soleplate used with this iron is truly one of a kind, as it’d 3D and it offers more than 400 holes for perfect steam distribution to iron fabrics sufficiently while conserving energy. The Eco Steam System used with this iron provides you with 100% efficiency while saving 25% energy. The unique 3D soleplate concentrates the steam output and reduces the loss of steam, so less steam is required—and less energy is consumed.

This iron has three settings, which allow you to perfectly adjust the ironing to your work: DRY for a perfect finish; ECO for optimal steam output, resulting in high-quality ironing results while saving energy; and BOOST, for additional steam on thick fabrics and tough creases.

This iron is also ergonomic – the rotary trigger can be used by both right and left-handed people with the soft-grip handle providing comfort while ironing, while the sharp precision tip reaches difficult areas like collars, seams, and the areas around buttons.

Regarding steam, this iron can steam vertically, or use variable steam and burst of steam.

The auto-shutoff system that’s been mentioned with all the other irons is also incorporated with this iron, as it will stop power after 8 minutes if left vertical, after 30 seconds if left horizontal or tipped over.

The 10 oz water tank is surely more than enough for everyone’s needs, and you can refill it with regular tap water thanks to the built-in anti-calcium system. This integrated anti-scale system is great for the extended life of the iron. The calc-away valve automatically collects scale in the boiler preventing calcium build-up and impurities. It maintains performance and increases the lifetime of the iron.

The only feature that’s missing with this iron is the advanced heat settings – they could really set this iron apart from the competition. Regardless, I believe that it’s more than enough to be taken seriously even with the fierce competition on this list.

If you’re interested and you’d like to know more, feel free to follow this link.

Black and Decker D2030 – Best Heavy-Duty

This is a heavy-duty iron. It comes with a heavy soleplate that’s made from stainless steel, which ensures it glides over all the creases with ease. The durable, heavy-duty soleplate glides easily over all fabric types and presses out wrinkles in no time

An important advantage of this iron is the control you have over the temperature and the steam function, which allows you to use it on a variety of fabrics without any problems. The clear-view display shows the current ironing mode so you can make sure you’re getting the best results for any fabric. The number chart is printed on the water tank, so you can refer to it to adjust the settings.

The dial for temperature is very intuitive, which allows you to find the best temperature and steam settings for any type of garment. You can also use this iron for its vertical steam feature, just like any other iron on this list. A powerful burst of steam allows you to use your iron like a steamer for quick touch-ups without the ironing board

It’s ergonomic, as well – it’s designed with ergonomic features and special attention was paid to comfort, the iron handle fits nicely in your hand.

This iron also uses motion-capture technology for its automatic shutoff system – the motion-sensitive technology that shuts off the iron is going to notice if it hasn’t been used for eight minutes on the heel and 30 seconds on the soleplate and sides. It also uses an auto-cleaning system to keep it clean from any buildup.

The anti-drip system is here to ensure that water isn’t escaping the soleplate when the temperature is too low, while moisture controls are incorporated as two side-by-side buttons control which moisture output, one offering a burst of steam and the other a gentle spray mist. 

The digital LCD display shows the current ironing mode so you can make sure you’re getting the best results for any fabric. You can adjust both the temperature and steam settings individually, so you have complete control over this iron.

The only objection, if any, is that the setting dial of the iron is located directly under the handle, and some users find it difficult to reach. Aside from that, there really are no setbacks with this iron.

If you’re interested and you’d like to learn more, feel free to follow this link.

Sunbeam Steammaster Steam Iron – Best Value

This steam iron actually comes at quite a low price, so you’re not going to have to break the bank for it.

It features 1400 watts of power, a large stainless steel nonstick soleplate, a large water tank, and an anti-drip system to prevent water leakage at any temperature setting.

The shot-of-steam feature allows you to take care of those extra-stubborn wrinkles with just a quick press of the button; a powerful force of steam instantly smoothes away deep wrinkles. This will come in handy if you’re facing any difficulties with some, particularly stubborn fabrics.

The vertical steam feature allows you to steam any vertically hanging piece of fabric: curtains, dresses, suits, etc. – this is an easy solution for freshening up hanging garments, drapery, or upholstery. This is convenient to spruce things up around the house or in place of a garment steamer – no need to set up an ironing board when you just need a quick touch-up.

With this iron, you have the option of setting your level of steam with the Variable Steam system. This allows you to set the desired amount of steam output to ensure just the right amount of steam is used, as the amount of steam needed to effectively iron garments differs by fabric. You also have the option of choosing between DRY and STEAM settings – so you can iron without steam for some more sensitive fabrics (wool, for example).

This iron also incorporates the 3-Way Motion Smart technology to automatically shut the iron off if left unattended or set in an improper position. It will shut off after 30 seconds of inactivity when in a horizontal position, when accidentally tipped over on its side, and after 15 minutes of inactivity in a vertical position.

This ensures that there are no leaks or messes, which is going to ease the stress of ironing.

The cord for this iron is very impressive at its length of 8 feet! It fits in the iron, as well, so you don’t have to worry about storage. With just a quick press, the cord conveniently retracts into the integrated storage compartment.

What’s really the most important feature of this iron is the value – you really get a lot for the price tag it has! This iron is not at all expensive and it still offers a great number of features that you can find with other irons. I definitely recommend that you take a closer look at this iron if you’re not satisfied with the Best Budget option.

If you’re interested in it and you’d like to learn more, please follow this link.


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